英 [væl'kiəri] 美
  • n. (北欧神话中奥丁神的婢女之一)瓦尔基里
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Valkyrie 瓦尔基里(北欧神话中奥丁神待女,负责挑选阵亡者并将他们带到Valhalla)

来自古诺斯语 valkyrja,来自val-,勇士,战死的英雄,来自PIE*wele,击,打,撕,词源同vulture,kyrja-,选择,遴选,词源同choose.

Valkyrie (n.)
1768, one of 12 war-maidens who escorted the brave dead to Valhalla, from Old Norse valkyrja, literally "chooser of the slain," from valr "those slain in battle" (see Valhalla) + kyrja "chooser," from ablaut root of kjosa "to choose," from Proto-Germanic *keusan, from PIE *geus- "to taste, choose" (see gusto). Old English form was Wælcyrie, but they seem not to have figured as largely in Anglo-Saxon tales as in Scandinavian. German Walküre (Wagner) is from Norse. Related: Valkyrian.
1. In some Norse sources , Brunhild has supernatural and is described as a Valkyrie.
在某些北欧传说中, 她具有超自然力,被认为是一个瓦尔基里.


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