英 [ɪ'væn(d)ʒ(ə)lɪst] 美 [ɪ'vændʒəlɪst]
  • n. 福音传道者;圣经新约福音书的作者
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evangelist 传福音者

ev-, 好的,同eu-. angel, 天使,福音。

evangelist: [12] The original sense of evangelist was ‘writer of a gospel’. English used to have the word evangel ‘gospel’. This came via Old French evangile and ecclesiastical Latin evangelium from Greek euaggélion, which in classical times meant ‘reward for bringing good news’ (it was a compound based ultimately on the prefix eu- ‘good, well’ and the noun ággelos ‘messenger’ – source of English angel).

Later on it came to mean simply ‘good news’, and in early Christian texts written in Greek it denoted specifically any of the four books of the New Testament written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. (English gospel was originally a literal translation of it.) Evangelist itself comes from the Greek derivative euaggelistés.

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evangelist (n.)
late 12c., "Matthew, Mark, Luke or John," from Old French evangelist and directly from Late Latin evangelista, from Greek euangelistes "preacher of the gospel," literally "bringer of good news," from euangelizesthai "bring good news," from eu- "good" (see eu-) + angellein "announce," from angelos "messenger" (see angel).

In early Greek Christian texts, the word was used of the four traditional authors of the narrative gospels. Meaning "itinerant preacher" was another early Church usage, revived in Middle English (late 14c.). Classical Greek euangelion meant "the reward of good tidings;" sense transferred in Christian use to the glad tidings themselves. In Late Latin, Greek eu- regularly was consonantized to ev- before vowels.
1. She was one of the pillars of the church, a powerful evangelist and very widely known.


2. The Evangelist is actually the opposite of The Theoretician.


3. For the last few years, I have been an evangelist for renting.
过去的两年, 我一直支持租房.


4. Matt Farrell : [ running to a injury Evangelist McClane ] You okay?
马特·法莱尔(向流血的 约翰·迈克莱恩 跑过去):你还好 吧 ?


5. Sir Evangelist Talbot Lo and behold , the consumer son returns.
约翰?塔尔博特爵士:“浪子回头了啊, 儿子. ”


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