• n. (投掷游戏用的)飞盘
  • n. (Frisbee)人名;(英)弗里斯比
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Frisbee 飞盘

品牌名。来自Mrs. Frisbie’s Pies. 后来受飞饼启发改造成塑料飞盘。比较印度飞饼。

Frisbee: [20] The name of this spinning plastic disc had its origin in a catching game played in Bridgeport, Connecticut in the 1950s. The participants were no doubt not the first to notice that an aerodynamically volatile flat disc produces more interesting and challenging results than a spherical object, but it was their particular choice of missiles that had farreaching terminological results: they used pie tins from the local Frisbie bakery. The idea for turning the dish into a marketable plastic product belonged to Fred Morrison, and he registered Frisbee (doubtless more commercially grabby than Frisbie) as a trademark in 1959.
Frisbee (n.)
1957, trademark registered 1959 by Wham-O Company; the prototype was modeled on pie tins from Mrs. Frisbie's Pies, made by the Frisbie Bakery of Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S. Middlebury College students began tossing them around in the 1930s (though Yale and Princeton also claim to have discovered their aerodynamic qualities).
Thirteen years ago the Wham-O Manufacturing Company of San Gabriel, Calif., ... brought out the first Frisbee. Wham-O purchased the rights from a Los Angeles building inspector named Fred Morrison, who in turn had been inspired by the airworthy pie tins of the Frisbie Bakery in Bridgeport, Conn. (which went out of business in March of 1958). He changed the spelling to avoid legal problems. ["Sports Illustrated," Aug. 3, 1970]
The family name is attested in English records from 1226, from a place name in Leicestershire (Frisby on the Wreak), attested from 1086, from Old Danish, meaning "farmstead or village of the Frisians" (Old Norse Frisa, genitive plural of Frisr; see Frisian). Also see by (prep.).
1. We always go to the park on weekends and play Frisbee.


2. Can Tom play Frisbee? Yes, he can ( play Frisbee ).
汤姆会玩飞盘 吗 ?是的, 他会玩飞盘.


3. Message forum covering various topics in ultimate frisbee. Also has regional sections.
在最终的飞盘论及各种各样的话题的消息论坛. 另外有地区性的节.


4. This has to be the greatest catch in the history of frisbee.


5. They will try to snatch the frisbee away from the other team.


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