英 ['tɒdɪ] 美 ['tɑdi]
  • n. 棕榈汁;棕榈酒
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toddy 棕榈汁,棕榈酒

改写自 taddy,来自 tarrie,最终来自印度语 tari,棕榈汁,来自 tar,棕榈树。拼写由字母 r 改写为 d 可能是发音不清的缘故。

toddy: [17] Toddy originally meant ‘palm sap’. It was an alteration of an earlier tarry, which was borrowed from Hindi tārī. This was a derivative of tār ‘palm tree’, a descendant of Sanskrit tāla or tāra, which in turn was probably borrowed from a Dravidian language of southern India (Kannada has tar, Telugu tādu). This palm sap was used as a drink, often in a potently fermented form, and in the 18th century toddy came to denote a hot spirit-based drink.
toddy (n.)
1610s, alteration of taddy (1610s), tarrie (c. 1600) "beverage made from fermented palm sap," from Hindi tari "palm sap" (in which the -r- sounds close to an English -d-), from tar "palm tree," from Sanskrit tala-s, probably from a Dravidian language (compare Kannada tar, Telugu tadu). Meaning "beverage made of alcoholic liquor with hot water, sugar, and spices" first recorded 1786.
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