英 ['ʌpsi'deizi] 美
  • int. (扶起跌倒的小孩或将儿童高举时的用语)起来没事啦!
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upsy-daisy 加油,没事

来自儿语up-a-daisy, daisy为day的口语,用来鼓励小孩加油,没事。比较lackadaisical.

upsy-daisy (adv.)
1711, up-a-daisy, baby talk extension of up (adv.). Compare lackadaisical. A word upsee was in use in English late 17c. in phrases such as upsee-Dutch "in the Dutch style" (of drinking), from Dutch op zijn, and also occasionally as an adverb, "extremely," and could have had an influence on this word.