英 ['teɪliːzmən; 'teɪlz-] 美 ['telzːzmən]
  • n. 候补陪审员;陪审员候选人
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talesman 修补陪审员

来自拉丁语 tales,备选,候选,名词复数格于 talis,如此,同样,来自 PIE*to,指示代词词干, 词源同 this,that,retaliate.

talesman (n.)
"reserve member of a jury," 1670s, from tales "writ ordering bystanders to serve" in place of jurors not in attendance (late 15c.), via Anglo-French (mid-13c.), from Latin tales (in tales de circumstantibus "such persons from those standing about," a clause featured in such a writ), noun use of plural of talis "such, of such kind" (see that).