英 ['iːlənd]
  • n. [脊椎] 大羚羊(产于非洲)
  • n. (Eland)人名;(英)伊兰
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eland 大羚羊

来自PIE*el, 红棕色,词源同elm, elk.

eland: [18] Although the eland is an African animal, it has an ancient European name, given to it by Dutch settlers in South Africa. Eland is the Dutch word for an ‘elk’ (the European version of the North American moose); it comes via German from Lithuanian élnis, which goes back ultimately to a prehistoric Indo-European source (*oln-, *eln-) which also produced English elk.
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eland (n.)
Cape elk, large South African antelope, 1786, from Dutch eland "elk," probably from a Baltic source akin to Lithuanian elnias "deer," from PIE *el- (2) "red, brown" (see elk), cognate with first element in Greek Elaphebolion, name of the ninth month of the Attic year (corresponding to late March-early April), literally "deer-hunting (month)." Borrowed earlier in English as ellan (1610s, via French), ellend (from the German form of the word).
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