英 ['perɪwɪŋk(ə)l] 美 ['pɛrɪwɪŋkl]
  • n. 小长春花;玉黍螺
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periwinkle 蔓长春花


periwinkle 蛾螺,海蜗牛

来自古英语pinewincle,来自拉丁语pina,海贝,可能来自PIE*peie,脂肪,肥肉,词源同 fat,pine.wincel,螺,词源同wind,wine.拼写受periwinkle 影响俗化。

periwinkle (n.1)
evergreen plant, c. 1500, diminutive of parvink (12c.), from Old English perwince, from Late Latin pervinca "periwinkle" (4c.), from Latin, perhaps from pervincire "to entwine, bind," from per- "thoroughly" (see per) + vincire "to bind, fetter" (see wind (v.1)).
periwinkle (n.2)
kind of sea snail, 1520s, apparently an alteration of Old English pinewincle (probably by influence of Middle English parvink; see periwinkle (n.1)); from Old English pine-, which probably is from Latin pina "mussel," from Greek pine. The second element is wincel "corner; spiral shell," from Proto-Germanic *winkil-, from PIE root *weng- "to bend, curve" (see wink (v.)).
1. Light permeates the sheer petals of a Madagascar periwinkle.


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