英 ['lɒgrəʊlɪŋ] 美 ['lɔɡrolɪŋ]
  • n. 水上踩滚木;互相吹捧;滚木材;资产阶级政客间互相投赞成票以通过彼此都有利的提案
  • v. 协力使通过(logroll的ing形式)
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logrolling 互投赞成票


logrolling (n.)
also log-rolling, in the legislative vote-trading sense, 1823, American English, from the notion of neighbors on the frontier helping one another with the heavy work of clearing land and building cabins (as in phrase you roll my log and I'll roll yours); see log (n.1) + rolling.
LOG-ROLLING. 1. In the lumber regions of Maine it is customary for men of different logging camps to appoint days for helping each other in rolling the logs to the river, after they are felled and trimmed -- this rolling being about the hardest work incident to the business. Thus the men of three or four camps will unite, say on Monday, to roll for camp No. 1, -- on Tuesday for camp No. 2, -- on Wednesday for camp No. 3, -- and so on, through the whole number of camps within convenient distance of each other. [Bartlett]
1. Logrolling can provide a solution to the so - called Paradox of voting.
“互投赞成票”可以给 所谓 的“投票悖论”提供一个解答.


2. We should get rid ourselves of the vulgar ways of logrolling.


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