英 ['tʃɪtəlɪŋz] 美 ['tʃɪtɚlɪŋz]
  • n. (食用的)猪肠
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chitterlings 食用猪小肠

chitter, 肠,词源同bowel. 字母b,c音变比较come, acrobat. -ling, 小词后缀。

chitterlings (n.)
late 13c., cheterlingis "entrails, souse" (early 13c. in surnames), origins obscure, but probably from an unrecorded Old English word having something to do with entrails (related to Old English cwið "womb;" compare German Kutteln "guts, bowels, tripe, chitterlings," Gothic qiþus "womb"). Variants chitlins (1842) and chitlings (1880) both also had a sense of "shreds, tatters."
"While I was in this way rollin' in clover, by picturin' what was to be, they wur tarin' my character all to chitlins up at home." [John S. Robb, "Streaks of Squatter Life," Philadelphia, 1843]
1. I'm gonna cook me up some chitterlings maw.


2. Both processing technology and quality requirement of salt chitterlings are expanded in this report.


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