• n. 求救信号
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Mayday 求救信号

来自法语m’aider的英语俗化,缩写自venez m’aider,即come help me,来自venez,来,词源同come,venue,m’,我,词源同me,aider,帮助,词源同aid.后用于求救信号。

mayday (interj.)
distress call, 1923, apparently an Englished spelling of French m'aider, shortening of venez m'aider "come help me!" But possibly a random coinage with coincidental resemblance:
"May Day" Is Airplane SOS
ENGLISH aviators who use radio telephone transmitting sets on their planes, instead of telegraph sets, have been puzzling over the problem of choosing a distress call for transmission by voice. The letters SOS wouldn't do, and just plain "help!" was not liked, and so "May Day" was chosen. This was thought particularly fitting since it sounds very much like the French m'aidez, which means "help me." ["The Wireless Age," June 1923]
1. He raced to pick up the lifejackets while his stepmother sent out a Mayday call.


2. Mayday! Mayday! - All right now, everybody, get in crash positions!
救命! 救命! - 好的,现在, 所有人, 做好坠机姿势!


3. Say someone Mayday are pseudo - rock, the place in the world someone would have the noise.
有人说五月天是 伪 摇滚, 这个世界有人的地方就会有喧嚣.


4. That's the purpose of MayDay – a grassroots effort whose goal is to save our archives.


5. Mayday , mayday , mayday, rear cabin door opened in flight, explosive depression in flight deck and cabin.
遇险信号,后舱门在飞行中打开, 驾驶舱 、 客舱急剧减压.


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