英 ['tʌmbrəl] 美 ['tʌmbrəl]
  • n. 死囚押送车;两轮运货车;施肥车;两轮弹药车
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1. tumble => tumbrel (dump cart that let fall or tumble).
2. Old French tomber, tumber "(let) fall or tumble" => tumble, tumbrel, tumbril.
tumbrel 粪车,施肥车,囚车

来自古法语 tumberel,粪车,施肥车,来自 tumber,落下,掉落,翻滚,词源同 tumble.因在 18 世纪末法国大革命恐怖时期将大量的革命者,普通民众用粪车压赴刑场送上断头台无视人的 基本尊严而臭名远扬,并引申该词义。

tumbrel (n.)
mid-15c., "two-wheeled cart for hauling dung, stones, etc.," earlier an instrument of punishment of uncertain type (early 13c.), from Old French tomberel "dump cart" (Modern French tombereau), from tomber "(let) fall or tumble," possibly from a Germanic source (compare Old Norse tumba "to tumble," Old High German tumon "to turn, reel;" see tumble (v.)). Notoriously the name given to the carts used to take victims to the guillotine during the Reign of Terror (though illustrations often show four-wheeled carts, not true tumbrels).