A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court



A Word of Explanation

The Stranger's History

Chapter I: Camelot

Chapter II: King Arthur's Court

Chapter III: Knights of the Table Round

Chapter IV: Sir Dinadan the Humorist

Chapter V: An Inspiration

Chapter VI: The Eclipse

Chapter VII: Merlin's Tower

Chapter VIII: The Boss

Chapter IX: The Tournament

Chapter X: Beginnings of Civilization

Chapter XI: The Yankee in Search of Adventures.

Chapter XII: Slow Torture

Chapter XIII: Freemen

Chapter XIV: "Defend Thee, Lord"

Chapter XV: Sandy's Tale

Chapter XVI: Morgan le Fay

Chapter XVII: A Royal Banquet

Chapter XVIII: In the Queen's Dungeons

Chapter XIX: Knight-Errantry as a Trade

Chapter XX: The Ogre's Castle

Chapter XXI: The Pilgrims

Chapter XXII: The Holy Fountain

Chapter XXIII: Restoration of the Fountain

Chapter XXIV: A Rival Magician

Chapter XXV: A Competitive Examination

Chapter XXVI: The First Newspaper

Chapter XXVII: The Yankee and the King Travel Incognito

Chapter XXVIII: Drilling the King

Chapter XXIX: The Smallpox Hut

Chapter XXX: The Tragedy of the Manor-House

Chapter XXXI: Marco

Chapter XXXII: Dowley's Humiliation

Chapter XXXIII: Sixth Century Political Economy

Chapter XXXIV: The Yankee and the King Sold as Slaves

Chapter XXXV: A Pitiful Incident

Chapter XXXVI: An Encounter in the Dark

Chapter XXXVII: An Awful Predicament

Chapter XXXVIII: Sir Launcelot and Knights to the Rescue

Chapter XXXIX: The Yankee's Fight with the Knights

Chapter XL: Three Years Later

Chapter XLI: The Interdict

Chapter XLII: War!

Chapter XLIII: The Battle of the Sand Belt

Chapter XLIV: A Postscript by Clarence

Final P.S. by M.T.