英 [tʌn] 美 [tʌn]
  • n. 大酒桶;发酵桶
  • vt. 把酒装入大酒桶
  • n. (Tun)人名;(罗)图恩;(柬、缅)吞
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tun 木桶,酒桶

来自古英语 tunne,木桶,酒桶,来自 Proto-Germanic*tunno,木桶,水桶,可能最终来自 PIE*teue, 鼓起,膨胀,词源同 tumid,tuber.并由该词衍生度量单位 ton,吨。

tun: see ton
tun (n.)
"large cask," especially one for wine, ale, or beer, Old English tunne "tun, cask, barrel," a general North Sea Germanic word (compare Old Frisian tunne, Middle Dutch tonne, Old High German tunna, German tonne), also found in Medieval Latin tunna (9c.) and Old French tonne (diminutive tonneau); perhaps from a Celtic source (compare Middle Irish, Gaelic tunna, Old Irish toun "hide, skin"). Tun-dish (late 14c.) was a funnel made to fit into the bung of a tun.
-- That? said Stephen. -- Is that called a funnel? Is it not a tundish? --
-- What is a tundish? --
--That. The ... the funnel. --
--Is that called a tundish in Ireland? -- asked the dean. -- I never heard the word in my life. --
-- It is called a tundish in Lower Drumcondra -- said Stephen, laughing -- where they speak the best English.--
-- A tundish -- said the dean reflectively. -- That is a most interesting word I must look that word up. Upon my word I must. --
His courtesy of manner rang a little false, and Stephen looked at the English convert with the same eyes as the elder brother in the parable may have turned on the prodigal. [Joyce, "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man"]
1. MRA adopted " tof ti 3 D multi slab tra tun'sequences and MIP postprocessing.
采用TOF- ti3D-multi-slab-tra-tun序列.


2. " Unless I'm as stupid as you! " replied Tun - weng hotly.
遯 翁 怫然道: “ 除非我像你这们笨!

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3. When Tun - weng saw his son, he said, " Oh , you're back.
遯翁看见儿子, 便道: “ 你来了,我正要叫你来,跟你说话.

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4. Tun - weng suggested that these two rooms be given in exchange.
遯 翁提议,把这两间房作为交换条件.

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5. When they returned home, Tun - weng said, " Our Eldest must certainly be henpecked.
回家之后, 遯 翁道: “ 老大准怕老婆.

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