英 ['mensə] 美
  • n. 门撒国际;山案星座
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mensa 方桌,圣坛石顶板


mensa (n.)
"altar top," 1848, Latin, literally "table," also "meal, supper," and "altar, sacrificial table," hence used in Church Latin for "upper slab of a church altar" (see mesa). With a capital M-, the name of an organization for people of IQs of 148 or more founded in England in 1946, the name chosen, according to the organization, to suggest a "round table" type group. The constellation was originally Mons Mensae "Table Mountain."
La Caille, who did so much for our knowledge of the southern heavens, formed the figure from stars under the Greater Cloud, between the poles of the equator and the ecliptic, just north of the polar Octans; the title being suggested by the fact that the Table Mountain, back of Cape Town, "which had witnessed his nightly vigils and daily toils," also was frequently capped by a cloud. [Richard Hinckley Allen, "Star Names and Their Meanings," London: 1899]
1. The Latin word for ` table'is ` mensa '.
‘table( 桌子)’这个词在拉丁语里叫 ‘ mensa ’.


2. However, the use of mensa can significantly lower of the HC incidence.
在常规水化 、 碱化的基础之上加用美司那可降低早期HC的发生.


3. Mensa was 1 founded in 1946 in Britain by Lancelot Lionel Ware and Roland Berrill.


4. Georgia has become the youngest female member of Mensa after scoring a genius - rated IQ of 152.


5. A normal menu at the mensa on campus costs about CHF 7 or ? 5 .
一般学生食堂每餐7瑞士 法郎.


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