英 [gɪld] 美 [ɡɪld]
  • n. 协会,行会;同业公会
  • n. (Guild)人名;(英)吉尔德
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guild 行会

来自PIE*gheldh, 付款,支付,词源同yield. 来自加入行会前需支付的入门费。

guild: [14] Guilds probably got their name from the subscriptions paid by their members. It goes back to a Germanic *gelth- ‘pay’, which also produced German and Dutch geld ‘money’. An association to which people contributed in order to further a common effort was a *gelthjōn, which probably passed into English via Middle Low German or Middle Dutch gilde. English yield is a relative; it originally meant ‘pay’.
=> yield
guild (n.)
also gild, early 13c., yilde (spelling later influenced by Old Norse gildi "guild, brotherhood"), a semantic fusion of Old English gegield "guild, brotherhood," and gield "service, offering; payment, tribute; compensation," from Proto-Germanic *geldjam "payment, contribution" (cognates: Old Frisian geld "money," Old Saxon geld "payment, sacrifice, reward," Old High German gelt "payment, tribute;" see yield (v.)).

The connecting sense is of a contribution or payment to join a protective or trade society. But some look to the alternative prehistoric sense of "sacrifice," as if in worship, and see the word as meaning a combination for religious purposes, either Christian or pagan. The Anglo-Saxon guilds had a strong religious component; they were burial societies that paid for Masses for the souls of deceased members as well as paying fines in cases of justified crime. Continental guilds of merchants, incorporated in each town or city and holding exclusive rights of doing business there, arrived after the Conquest. In many cases they became the governing body of a town (compare Guildhall, which came to be the London city hall). Trade guilds arose 14c., as craftsmen united to protect their common interest.
1. the Screen Actors' Guild


2. I belong to a guild of wine butlers.


3. The same thing holds for the guild member in the medieval towns.

来自英汉非文学 - 家庭、私有制和国家的起源

4. " Mr. Guild Leader, think of something, I beg you.
“ 会长先生, 总求你想想法子,做好事.

来自汉英文学 - 林家铺子

5. He used to be a member of the Writers' Guild of America.


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