• adj. 精心设计的;异国风味的;精选的;矫揉造作的
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recherche 矫揉造作的,故作艰深的

来自法语 recherche,仔细搜寻,来自 re-,再,重新,chercher,搜寻,来自拉丁语 circare,环形搜 索,词源同 circle,circus.引申词义矫揉造作的,故作艰深的。

recherche (adj.)
1722, from French recherché "carefully sought out," past participle of rechercher "to seek out" (12c.), from re-, here perhaps suggesting repeated activity (see re-) + chercher "to search," from Latin circare, in Late Latin "to wander hither and thither," from circus "circle" (see circus). Commonly used 19c. of food, styles, etc., to denote obscure excellence.
1. Applicants should have good PC skills with common office software, email and internet recherche.
在办公软件 、 电子邮件、网络检索等个人电脑应用方面,申请人应具备良好的操作技能.


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