英 [,mækə'rəʊnɪ] 美 [,mækə'roni]
  • n. 通心粉;通心面条;纨绔子弟
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1. 通心粉是意大利的名点. 通心粉是西方国家的著名面食,有实心和空心之分。亦称通心面,国际上统称麦卡罗尼,是一种以小麦粉为原料的面制品。
2. 出处: 18世纪,意大利那不勒斯附近的一家经营面条和面片的店主马卡罗尼,他的小女儿在玩耍时把面片卷成空心条并晾于衣绳上。马卡罗尼将空心条煮熟后拌以番茄酱。此后他建造了世界第一家通心粉加工厂,并以自己的名字为通心粉命名。
macaroni 通心粉


macaroni: [16] Macaroni was the earliest of the Italian pasta terms to be borrowed into English, and so it now differs more than any other from its original. When English acquired it, the Italian word was maccaroni (it came ultimately from late Greek makaría ‘food made from barley’), but now it has become maccheroni. The colloquial 18th-century application of macaroni to a ‘dandy’ is thought to have been an allusion to such people’s supposed liking for foreign food.

And the derivative macaronic [17], used for a sort of verse in which Latin words are mixed in with vernacular ones for comic effect, was originally coined in Italian, comparing the verse’s crude mixture of languages with the homely hotchpotch of a macaroni dish. Macaroon [17] comes from macaron, the French descendant of Italian maccaroni.

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macaroni (n.)
"tube-shaped food made of dried wheaten paste" [Klein], 1590s, from southern Italian dialectal maccaroni (Italian maccheroni), plural of maccarone, name for a kind of pasty food, possibly from maccare "bruise, batter, crush," which is of unknown origin, or from late Greek makaria "food made from barley."

Used by 1769 to mean "a fop, a dandy" ("typical of elegant young men" would be the sense in "Yankee Doodle") because it was an exotic dish at a time when certain young men who had traveled the continent were affecting French and Italian fashions and accents. There is said to have been a Macaroni Club in Britain, which was the immediate source of this usage in English.
1. They tend to buy cheap processed foods like canned chicken and macaroni.


2. He sat down to a great dish of macaroni.


3. The last scene shows you what will happen at the end of the harvest: the famous Calabrian macaroni - eating competition!
最后这个场面向你表明,收获结束时将要进行的活动: 卡拉布亚人吃通心面的对抗赛!


4. Here you can see two workers who, between them, have just finished cutting three cart - loads of golden brown macaroni stalks.
在这里,你可以看到两个劳动者, 他们俩协力割下了三车金黄色的通心面秸.


5. There were few provisions available in exchange for food stamps: ersatz coffee, macaroni, small cubes of margarine.


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