英 ['fʌstɪɡeɪt] 美
  • vt. 用棍棒打;抨击
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fustigate 用棍棒打,抨击

来自拉丁语fustis, 短棍,木棍。来自PIE*bhau, 击,打,词源同beat, batter.

fustigate (v.)
"to cudgel, to beat," 1650s, back-formation from Fustication (1560s) or from Latin fusticatus, past participle of fusticare "to cudgel" (to death), from fustis "cudgel, club, staff, stick of wood," of unknown origin. De Vaan writes that "The most obvious connection would be with Latin -futare" "to beat," but there are evolutionary difficulties.