英 [sɪ'dɪlə] 美 [sɪ'dɪlə]
  • n. 变音符号
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cedilla 下加变音符

来自希腊词zeta, 即字母Z。-illa, 小词后缀。因形如小写字母z而得名。

cedilla (n.)
c. 1600, from Spanish cedilla, zedilla, literally "little z," from a Latin-like diminutive of Greek zeta "the letter 'z'." The mark (formerly also used in Spanish) was derived from that letter and indicates a "soft" sound in letters in positions where normally they have a "hard" sound. See zed.
1. Diacriticals: Marks above and below letters, such as accents or th cedilla.
发间符号: 在字母上面或下面的符号, 如音标或变音符号.


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