• n. 子弹带,弹药带
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bandolier 子弹带

来自band, 绑,带子。

bandolier (n.)
1570s, "shoulder belt (for a wallet)," from French bandouiliere (16c.), from Italian bandoliera or Spanish bandolera, from diminutive of banda "a scarf, sash," a Germanic loan-word related to Gothic bandwa (see band (n.2)). In some cases, directly from Spanish to English as bandoleer. Meaning "ammunition belt for a musket" is from 1590s; hence bandolero "highwayman, robber" (1832), from Spanish, literally "man who wears a bandoleer."
1. Karen pulled the bandolier's straps taut Lead on, hero, she told hello m.
凯伦把枪弹带的带子拉紧.“引路吧, 大英雄, ”她对于杰克说.


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