英 ['mɑːmzɪ] 美 ['mɑmzi]
  • n. 马姆齐甜酒(希腊,西班牙等地出产的白葡萄酒)
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malmsey 马姆齐甜葡萄酒


malmsey (n.)
c. 1400, type of strong, sweet white wine, from Provençal malmesie or Middle Dutch malemesye, both from Medieval Latin malmasia, from Medieval Greek Monembasia "Monemvasia," a town in the southern Peloponnesus that was an important center of wine production in the Middle Ages, literally "only one entrance," from monos "alone, only" (see mono-) + embasis "entering into," from en- "in" + basis "a going, a stepping, a base" (see basis).