英 ['siːkəm] 美 ['sikəm]
  • n. [解剖] 盲肠
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caecum 盲肠

来自词根caec, 盲的。词源同caecigenus(生下来就瞎的), excaeco(弄瞎)。

caecum (n.)
1721, from Latin intestinum caecum "blind gut," from neuter of caecus "blind, hidden," from Proto-Italic *kaiko-, from PIE *kehi-ko- "one-eyed," cognate with Old Irish ca'ech "one-eyed," coeg "empty," Welsh coeg-dall, Old Cornish cuic "one-eyed;" Gothic haihs "one-eyed, blind." So called for being prolonged into a cul-de-sac.
1. Using younger cocks, the preventive result of artificial synthesize arteannuin to Chicken Caecum Coccidiosis was examined.
试验应用鸡公雏, 检测了人工合成青蒿素对鸡盲肠球虫病的预防效果.


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