英 ['deɪlɪə] 美 ['dælɪə]
  • n. 大丽花,大丽花属
  • n. (Dahlia)人名;(英)戴利娅;(西)达利亚,达利娅(女名)
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dahlia 大丽花属

来自其发现者18世纪瑞典植物学家Anders Dahl. -ia,花属名,词源同fuchsia.

dahlia: [19] The dahlia was named in 1791 in honour of Anders Dahl, an 18th-century Swedish botanist who discovered the plant in Mexico in 1788. The first record of the term in English is from 1804. During the 19th century it was used for a particular shade of red: ‘One of the many ugly shades that are to be worn this season is dahlia’, Pall Mall Gazette 29 September 1892.
dahlia (n.)
1804, named 1791 by Spanish botanist Antonio José Cavanilles for Anders Dahl (1751-1789), Swedish botanist and pupil of Linnaeus, who discovered it in Mexico in 1788. The likelihood that a true blue variety of the flower never could be cultivated was first proposed by French-Swiss botanist Augustin Pyramus de Candolle, and noted in English by 1835; hence blue dahlia, figurative expression for "something impossible or unattainable" (1866).
1. Some favoured dahlia, others preferred the bright geranium.
一些人偏爱天竺牡丹; 另一些人则比较喜欢鲜艳的天竺葵.


2. Dahlia : It is the mark of Samael. Don't let it be completed.
那是恶魔 萨麦尔 的印记. 千万不要让它完成了.


3. Dahlia: Evil waits in vengeance. Be careful what you choose.
达丽雅: 恶魔在等着复仇. 小心你的选择.


4. Dahlia, Zephine, and especially Favourite, could not have said as much.
大丽, 瑟芬, 尤其是宠儿, 都不可能有那种痴情.


5. Dahlia . We fight for the sin, not the sinner.


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