英 ['krɒtʃɪt] 美 ['krɑtʃɪt]
  • n. 小钩;奇想;怪想;反复无常
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crotchet 四分音符

词源同crook,crochet. 音乐术语,因形如小弯钩而得名。

crotchet: see croquet
crotchet (n.)
late 14c., "crocket," later "small hook" (early 15c.), from Old French crochet (pronounced "crotchet") "hook" (see crochet). As a surgical instrument, from 1750. Figurative use in musical notation is from mid-15c., from the shape of the notes. Meaning "whimsical fancy" is from 1570s; perhaps from the same mechanical image in crank; but other authorities link this sense to the musical notation one.