英 ['bɜːlæp] 美 ['bɝlæp]
  • n. 粗麻布;麻袋
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burlap 粗麻布

bur, 芒刺,形容粗糙。lap, 膝,一块布。

burlap (n.)
1690s, probably from Middle English borel "coarse cloth," from Old French burel (see bureau); or Dutch boeren "coarse," perhaps confused with boer "peasant." The second element, -lap, meant "piece of cloth" (see lap (n.)).
1. Once the seed germinates very carefully remove it from the sand, vermiculite, or burlap bags.
种子一旦发芽后,小心从沙地 、 蛭石或者粗布麻袋把它拿走.


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