英 ['tɪldə] 美 ['tɪldə]
  • n. 波浪字符;加在西班牙语n字上的发音符号
  • n. (Tilde)人名;(德)蒂尔德
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tilde 腭化符号

来自西班牙语 tilde,腭化符号,来自拉丁语 titulus,上标,文字上面的小标记,词源同 title.原 指在删除文稿上方做的小标记,后用于指语言符号。字母 t,l 置换,d,t 音变,最终固定为现 拼写形式。

tilde: see title
tilde (n.)
1864, from Spanish, metathesis of Catalan title, from vernacular form of Medieval Latin titulus "stroke over an abridged word to indicate missing letters," a specialized sense of Latin titulus, literally "inscription, heading" (see title (n.)). The mark itself represents an -n- and was used in Medieval Latin manuscripts in an abridged word over a preceding letter to indicate a missing -n- and save space.