英 ['bʌt(ə)n] 美 ['bʌtn]
  • n. 按钮;钮扣
  • vt. 扣住;扣紧;在…上装钮扣
  • vi. 扣住;装有钮扣;扣上钮扣
  • n. (Button)人名;(英)巴顿
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1. butt => button.
button 纽扣

butt, 撞,同beat. -on, 小词后缀。

button: [14] Button comes via Old French bouton from Vulgar Latin *botōne, a word connected with the verb *hottāre ‘thrust’ (from which ultimately English gets butt ‘hit with the head’). The underlying notion contained in button is thus of something which pushes up, thrusts itself outwards, rather like a bud growing on a plant; the fact that the resulting round knob is used for fastening is, from the point of view of the word’s semantic history, secondary. (Inconclusive attempts have in fact been made to link bud with Old French boter, a descendant of Vulgar Latin *bottāre, and from the 15th century the word button has been applied in English to ‘buds’.)
=> butt
button (n.)
c. 1300 (surname Botouner "button-maker" attested from mid-13c.), from Old French boton "a button," originally "a bud" (12c., Modern French bouton), from bouter, boter "to thrust," common Romanic (Spanish boton, Italian bottone), ultimately from Germanic (see butt (v.)). Thus a button is, etymologically, something that pushes up, or thrusts out.

Meaning "point of the chin" is pugilistic slang, by 1921. A button as something you push to create an effect by closing an (electrical) circuit is attested from 1840s. Button-pusher as "deliberately annoying or provocative person" is attested by 1990 (in reference to Bill Gates, in "InfoWorld" magazine, Nov. 19). In the 1980s it meant "photographer."
button (v.)
late 14c., "to furnish with buttons;" early 15c., "to fasten with buttons" (of a garment,) from button (n.) or from Old French botoner (Modern French boutonner), from boton (n.). Related: Buttoned; buttoning. Button-down (adj.) in reference to shirt collars is from 1916.
1. " N " is a syllabic consonant in " button " .
button 这个词里n是 构成音节的辅音.


2. I know how to darn, and how to sew a button on.


3. Information is called up at the push of a button.


4. The middle button of his uniform jacket was strained over his belly.


5. The autoexposure button is awkwardly placed under the lens release button.


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