英 ['dʒɪtəbʌg] 美 ['dʒɪtɚbʌɡ]
  • n. 图象不稳定;跳吉特巴舞的人;容易紧张的人;爵士乐迷
  • vi. 跳吉特巴舞
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jitterbug 吉格巴舞

来自美国1934年一首流行歌曲名Jitter Bug,字面意思即舞迷。后用于指这种舞蹈。

jitterbug (n.)
popular type of fast swing dance, 1938, American English, from "Jitter Bug," title of a song recorded by Cab Calloway in 1934. Probably the literal sense is "one who has the jitters" (see jitters; for second element see bug (n.) in the slang "person obsessed with" sense). Another sense current about this time was "swing music enthusiast." As a verb from 1938.
1. I like rumba and jitterbug very much.


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