英 ['trəʊkiː] 美 ['troki]
  • n. 长短格;扬抑格
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trochee 诗的抑扬格,长短格

来自法语 trochee,来自拉丁语 trochaeus,诗的抑扬格,长短格,来自希腊语 trokhaios pous,跑 动的步伐,来自 trekhein,跑,词源同 truck,truckle,pous,脚,步伐,词源同 foot.比喻用法。

trochee (n.)
metrical foot consisting of a long followed by a short syllable, or an accented followed by an unaccented one, 1580s, from French trochée, from Latin trochaeus "a trochee," from Greek trokhaios (pous), literally "a running (foot)," from trekhein "to run" (see truckle (n.)). Its rapid movement rendered it a fit accompaniment to dances.
1. Objective To study the analgesic effect of thesium chinense trochee ( TCT ).
目的 研究百蕊含片 ( TCT ) 的镇痛作用.


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