• n. (法)家庭,家务
  • n. (Menage)人名;(英)梅纳热
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menage 家庭,居住地


menage (n.)
1690s, "management of a household, domestic establishment," from French ménage, from Old French manage "household, family dwelling" (12c.), from Vulgar Latin *mansionaticum "household, that which pertains to a house," from Latin mansionem "dwelling" (see mansion). Now generally used in suggestive borrowed phrase ménage à trois (1891), literally "household of three." Borrowed earlier as mayngnage, maynage and in the sense "members of a household, a man's household" (c. 1300); but this was obsolete by c. 1500.
1. For many, that crippling menage a trios – guilt, inhibition and shame, still lingered in the bedroom.
但是对于她们中的很多人来说, 畸形的三角关系——罪恶 、 禁忌、羞耻 —— 还是出现在她们的卧室里.


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