英 ['diːmɪɜːdʒ; 'dem-] 美 ['dɛmɪɝdʒ]
  • n. 造物主
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demiurge 巨匠造物主

demo-, 人民,词源同demotic. -urg, 制造,词源同work. 最早由古希腊哲学家柏拉图用来指神,造物主。

demiurge (n.)
1670s, from Latinized form of Greek demiourgos, literally "public or skilled worker" (from demos "common people;" see demotic + ergos "work;" see organ).

The title of a magistrate in some Peloponnesian city-states and the Achæan League; taken in Platonic philosophy as a name for the maker of the world. In the Gnostic system, "conceived as a being subordinate to the Supreme Being, and sometimes as the author of evil" [OED].
1. The popular conception of a Promethean being created by a mortal refers to a demiurge.


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