英 [,pærɪ'gɒrɪk] 美 [,pærə'gɔrɪk]
  • n. 止痛剂
  • adj. 止痛的
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1. par- "para-, beside" + egor- "speak in public" + -ic.
2. 也就是在旁边说安慰话:speak soothingly to.
3. => 由此引申为:medicine that soothes pain.
4. => 也就是:止痛,缓解疼痛。
paregoric (n.)
"medicine that soothes pain," 1704, from adjective (1680s) "soothing," from Late Latin paregoricus, from Greek paregorikos "soothing, encouraging, consoling," from paregorein "speak soothingly to," from paregoros "consoling," from para- "beside" (see para- (1)) + root of agoreuein "speak in public," from agora "public assembly," from PIE root *ger- "to gather" (see gregarious).