• n. 讥讽;嘲弄
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quib 逃避问题实质

来自拉丁语quibus,怎样,如何,哪方面,何种程度,来自PIE*kwo,疑问代词词干,词源同 quality,quantity,who,how.引申词义吹毛求疵,盯着小问题不放,逃避问题实质。

quib (n.)
evasion of a point, 1540s, from Latin quibus "by what (things)?," dative or ablative plural of quid "in what respect? to what extent?; how? why?," neuter of relative pronoun quis (see who). "[A]s a word of frequent occurrence in legal documents ... hence associated with the 'quirks and quillets' of the law." [OED]. Also compare quibble.