英 ['renɪt] 美 ['rɛnɪt]
  • n. (法)王后苹果;牛犊胃内膜;凝乳酵素
  • n. (Rennet)人名;(捷)伦内特
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rennet 凝乳酶

词源同 run,跑,-et,小词后缀。即跑到一起,引申词义凝结,后用于指凝乳酶。

rennet: [15] Rennet probably goes back to an unrecorded Old English *rynet. This appears to have been derived from the verb run, which was used dialectally into the 20th century for ‘curdle’. The underlying notion is of the solid parts of milk ‘running’ together and coagulating.
=> run
rennet (n.1)
"inner membrane of a calf's fourth stomach," c. 1400, probably from an unrecorded Old English *rynet, related to gerennan "cause to run together," because it makes milk run or curdle; from Proto-Germanic *rannijanan, causative of *renwanan "to run" (see run (v.)). Compare German rinnen "to run," gerinnen "to curdle."
rennet (n.2)
variety of apple, 1560s, from French reinette, literally "little queen," diminutive of reine "queen," from Latin regina (see Regina).
1. Food ingredients such as recombinant rennet ( ehymosin ) have also been launched in the marketplace.
食品成分,如重组凝乳 酶 已投入市场.


2. Rennet calcium chloride and curing and the main factors were explored for the activity of rennet.


3. Rennin activity ( RA ) and proteolytic activity ( PA ) of pepsin rennin and rennet were studied.
本文研究了胃蛋白酶、凝乳 酶 与自制皱胃酶的凝乳活力与蛋白分解活力.


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