英 ['kretɪn] 美 ['kritn]
  • n. 白痴病患者
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cretin 笨蛋

来自Christian的委婉语。比较口语”Jesus Christ”.

cretin: [18] In the Swiss-French dialect of the high Alps the term creitin or crestin (their version of christian) was applied to people suffering from mental handicap and stunted growth – the notion being to emphasize that despite their abnormalities, such people were nevertheless as much human beings as any other ‘Christian’. The word was adopted (via French crétin) as a clinical term for someone suffering from dwarfism and mental retardation as a result of a congenital thyroid deficiency, and was subsequently broadened out, towards the end of the 19th century, as a general disparaging term for a ‘fool’.
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cretin (n.)
1779, from French crétin (18c.), from Alpine dialect crestin, "a dwarfed and deformed idiot" of a type formerly found in families in the Alpine lands, a condition caused by a congenital deficiency of thyroid hormones, from Vulgar Latin *christianus "a Christian," a generic term for "anyone," but often with a sense of "poor fellow." Related: Cretinism (1801).
1. Why did you do that, you cretin?


2. Why else would I have chosen such a disreputable looking cretin?


3. Why did you do that, you cretin?
你为什么做那事, 你这个笨蛋?


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