英 [prəʊ'kɒns(ə)l] 美 [pro'kɑnsl]
  • n. (古罗马)地方总督;(英)殖民地总督
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proconsul (n.)
late 14c., "governor or military commander of an ancient Roman province," from Latin proconsul "governor of a province; military commander," from phrase pro consule "(acting) in place of a consul," from pro- "in place of" (see pro-) + ablative of consul. In modern use usually rhetorical, but it was a title of certain commissioners in the French Revolution, was used in English for "deputy consul," and was used again of U.S. administrators in Iraq during the occupation. Related: Proconsular.
1. For a time Octavian was consul, then proconsul and eventually a tribune.
屋大维曾做了一段时间的执政官, 然后是总督,最后是保民官.

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