英 [te'ljʊərɪən]
  • n. 地球上的居民
  • adj. 地球上的
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tellurian 地球的,土地的

来自拉丁语 tellus,土地,地球,来自 PIE*tel,承载,支撑,词源同 tolerate,Atlas.由承载引申词 义土地,地球。

tellurian (adj.)
"pertaining to the earth," 1846, from -ian + Latin tellus (genitive telluris) "earth, land, ground; the earth" (related to Tellus, Roman goddess of the earth), from PIE root *tel- "ground, floor" (cognates: Lithuanian telinat "spread out, flat," Sanskrit talam "plain, sole of the foot," Old Church Slavonic tilo "floor," Greek telia "dice board," Old Irish talam "earth," Old Norse þilja, Middle Dutch dele "plank"). As a noun, "inhabitant of Earth" (with reference to supposed inhabitants of other worlds) from 1847.