英 ['velkrəu] 美
  • n. 维可牢(一种尼龙搭扣的商标名称)
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Velcro 维可牢搭扣

商标名,来自法语velours croche, 即crooked velour.

Velcro (n.)
1958, proprietary name (Britain), from French vel(ours) cro(ché) "hooked velvet."
Here is a nonmetallic fastener with no mechanical parts. It is simply two strips of nylon, one woven with thousands of tiny protruding hooks, the other with loops. Pressed together, they catch like a burr to clothing, can't be parted except by peeling. American Velcro, Manchester, N.H., makes them to hold anything from pants to upholstery. ["Popular Science," December 1958]