['i:dipəl, 'e-]
  • adj. [医] 恋母情结的
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Oedipal 恋母情结的

来自Oedipus complex,恋母情结。

Oedipal (adj.)
1939, "of or pertaining to desire felt for opposite-sex parent," from Oedipus complex (1910), coined by Freud from Sophocles' play "Oedipus Tyrannus," in which the title character, the Theban hero, answers the Sphinx's riddle and unknowingly kills his father and marries his own mother; from Greek Oedipus. The name was used figuratively in English from 1550s for "one who is clever at guessing riddles," which had adjectival form Oedipean (1620s).
1. Did " 43 " invade Iraq as part of an Oedipal struggle with " 41 " ?
希拉里会比克林顿 政绩 更佳,以此报复这个 花心 丈夫?


2. In the great Oedipal footrace, George Bush has Prescott Bush several times over.
而在庞大的“俄狄浦斯情结”竞走比赛中, 乔治·布什已经比普莱斯科特.布什领先好几圈.


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