英 ['huːt(ə),nænɪ] 美 ['hutnæni]
  • n. 乡间音乐;民谣合唱会
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hootenanny 民间歌舞会

来自苏格兰语hootenanny,庆祝,聚会。其本身可能为无意义杜撰词,或来自hoot nanny.该词现也用于指叫不出名字的物件名。比较thingamajig,whatchamacallit.

hootenanny (n.)
"informal session of folk musicians," 1940, American English, earlier "a gadget" (1927), of unknown origin, perhaps a nonsense word.
Another device used by the professional car thief, and one recently developed to perfection, according to a large Chicago lock-testing laboratory, is a "hootenanny," so-called by the criminals using it. ["Popular Mechanics," February 1931]