英 ['spɒndiː] 美 ['spɑndi]
  • n. 扬扬格
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spondee 诗歌的扬扬格

来自古法语 spondee,来自拉丁语 spondeus,扬扬格,来自希腊语 sponde,祭奠,祭酒,来自 spendein,举行祭酒仪式,来自 PIE*spend,献祭,履行仪式,承诺,词源同 spouse,correspond. 原为祭酒仪式中吟唱的扬扬格的诗歌,后用于指这种诗歌的韵律。

spondee (n.)
"metrical foot consisting of two long syllables," late 14c., from Old French spondee (14c.), from Latin spondeus, from Greek spondeios (pous), the name of the meter originally used in chants accompanying libations, from sponde "solemn libation, a drink-offering," related to spendein "make a drink offering," from PIE root *spend- "to make an offering, perform a rite," hence "to engage oneself by a ritual act" (cognates: Latin spondere "to engage oneself, promise," Hittite shipantahhi "I pour out a libation, I sacrifice"). Related: Spondaic.