英 [slæt] 美 [slæt]
  • vt. 用板条做或装备;用条板制造
  • n. 板条;狭板
  • n. (Slat)人名;(柬)斯拉
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1. slit, slice => slat => slate.
2. 谐音“是那条”。
3. slate => slat.
4. slash => slat.
slat 板条,窄条,横档,安装板条

来自早期拼写 sclat,木板,屋顶板,薄石板,来自古法语 esclat,薄片,碎片,木条,来自 Frankish*slaitan,分开,劈开,来自 Proto-Germanic*slitana,分开,劈开,来自 PIE*sled,分开, 劈开,可能缩写自 PIE*skel,砍,劈,切,词源同 scale,shell,skill.

slat: [14] Slat was adapted from Old French esclat ‘piece broken off, splinter’. This was derived from the verb esclater ‘shatter’, a descendant of Vulgar Latin *esclatāre or *exclatāre. And this in turn may have been formed from a base *clatsuggestive of the sound of breaking. An alternative theory, however, is that it goes back to a prehistoric Germanic *slaitan ‘cause to split or break’, a variant of *slītan ‘split, break’ (from which English gets slice and slit).

The feminine form of Old French esclat was esclate, which has given English slate [14]. And its modern descendant éclat was borrowed by English in the 17th century in the metaphorical sense ‘brilliance’. It has been conjectured that esclater may have been related to Old French esclachier ‘break’, which could have had a variant form *esclaschier.

This would be a plausible candidate as a source for English slash [14].

=> slate
slat (n.)
late 14c., earlier sclat (c. 1300), "a roofing slate, a thin, flat stone," from Old French esclat "split piece, chip, splinter" (Modern French éclat), back-formation from esclater "to break, splinter, burst," probably from Frankish *slaitan "to tear, slit" or some other Germanic source (compare Old High German slizan, Old English slitan; see slit (v.)). Meaning "long, thin, narrow piece of wood or metal" attested from 1764.
1. BENTART component includes bed slat, chair shell frame, and OEM items.
宝信曲木配件有排骨床条, 椅面,扶手等产品, 并可来样加工.


2. Slat Lake City WinterOlympics in 2002 ------ Light the FireWithin.
盐湖城冬季奥运会 ------点 燃心中之火.


3. That slat - and - pepper haired man is my great uncle.


4. In chapter 2, we illuminate the design scheme for satellite earth slat ion.


5. And the mechanical nature of slat is studied by analyzing the feature of integral edge joint.


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