英 ['vʌlɡeit] 美
  • adj. 通行的,公认的;拉丁文圣经的
  • n. 公认的文本;拉丁文圣经
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Vulgate (n.)
Latin translation of the Bible, especially that completed in 405 by St. Jerome (c.340-420), c. 1600, from Medieval Latin Vulgata, from Late Latin vulgata "common, general, ordinary, popular" (in vulgata editio "popular edition"), from Latin vulgata, fem. past participle of vulgare "make common or public, spread among the multitude," from vulgus "the common people" (see vulgar). So called because the translations made the book accessible to the common people of ancient Rome.
1. Here is a preliminary result of observation on root nodules of Hordeum Vulgate L. war.


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