英 ['biːz(ə)m; 'bɪz-] 美 ['bizəm]
  • n. 长扫帚
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besom 扫帚

来自PIE *bhes, 刺,指用灌木枝扎的扫帚。词源同broom, 扫帚,字母r,s 音变。

besom (n.)
Old English besma "bundle of twigs" (used as a broom or a flail), from West Germanic *besmon (cognates: Old Frisian besma, Old Saxon besmo, Old High German besmo, German Besen, Dutch bezem), which is of unknown origin. Perhaps "something bound or twisted," from PIE *bheidh-.
1. Hearing the bell, he put down the besom quickly and opened the door.
听到门铃响, 他赶忙撂下了扫把去开门.


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