英 ['tiːz(ə)l]
  • vt. 使起绒;为织物拉绒
  • n. 川续断;起绒刺果;起绒机;起绒草
  • adj. 川续断科的
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teasel 起绒草

来自 tease,梳理羊毛,-el,工具格后缀。用以指旧时使织物表面起绒的一种类似梳子的粗草。

teasel (n.)
also teazel, teazle, type of plant, Old English tæsel "large thistle used in teasing cloth," from Proto-Germanic *taisilo (cognates: Old High German zeisala), from root of Old English tæsan "to pluck" (see tease (v.)).
1. European teasel with white to pink flowers; naturalized in United States.
欧洲川续断,花白色粉色; 已经引入美国.


2. Treat deficiency of kidney - yang with herbs that can warm kidney - yang, such as mugwort leaf, Teasel etc.
阳虚肾虚者宜温补肾阳如艾叶 、 续断、鹿角霜等.


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